Free – having the legal and political rights of a citizen.

duh – used derisively to indicate that something just stated is all too obvious or self-evident.

We are always told not to talk politics, religion or something else that I can’t remember so I guess I don’t talk about it … but you can email about it, or so it seems since my email box is always filled with those subjects.  Oh yeah, and if we pass that email on to five of our friends so that they can pass it on to five of their freinds so they can (repeat and rinse) … we will be blessed with something or another … is this a pyramid scheme?  Whoever sends those emails to me is assuming that I have five friends, so thanks for reminding me of how many friends that I have (that was sarcasm).  Now I know why I feel un-blessed; I should just join in the pyramid spamming game.

Actually, I receive and enjoy alot of good emails on politics, religion, aging, being a redneck, humor and much more that I have collected over the years.  So freeduh.com is that collection of emails and is my contribution to pass it on, without the spam.

So send your emails!  And it would be much appreciated if you format/style them for me, just think how you would want to see it in a newspaper.  Also I strongly believe in giving credit where credit is due, and strongly believe in copyrights, so if you positively know who the original author is please pass all the pertinent information along, at least a link to the source.

Comment! freeduh.com is in a blog format so that our readers can comment and open up some good mature discussions on the topics.  You’re online; no one knows who you are, so comment!

I love input, so if you have any suggestions from spelin to design layout please let me know.

If you’re interested in writing an editorial please, please do and email it to me at editor@freeduh.com.  Here is your chance and forum to voice your opinion, I know everyone has one, so don’t be shy.

Tell everyone about freeduh.com!  Act now by telling everyone you know about freeduh.com, don’t delay tell everyone,  and you will be blessed with … uhm … how about … you will definitely be blessed with … ahhh I got nothing, how about a good old fashioned Thank You!

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