Tyson Foods Eliminates Labor Day In Favor Of A Muslim Holiday

* Note from the editor @ Freeduh *
Below is partial content of an email that we received (we removed some extraneous comments), and we would like to set the story straight, but first read on …

Tyson Foods Eliminates Labor Day in Favor of A Muslim Holiday!

Tyson Food in Shelbyville, Tennessee has eliminated Labor Day as a paid holiday in favor of the last day of Ramadan because they have 700 Muslim employees. The fact that they have almost that many non-Muslim employees is beside the point apparently!

I will no longer purchase any Tyson products. It’s just one more little chunk of America that’s been bitten off. If you wish to join me, then let your e-mail friends know this. If we don’t stand up for something we will fall for anything.

All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

** Setting the story straight **
First, this is mid 2011, and this is news from 2008.

Secondly, the writer was correct in that it only affected Tyson’s Shelbyville plant, but the writer left out that this was due in part to union negotiations; unions, need we say more!

Fourth, Tyson quickly corrected the situation for this plant and reinstated Labor Day as a paid holiday, and added a personal holiday which can be used for a birthday, the Muslim holiday Eid al-Fitr, or another day requested.

You can read Tyson’s statement from their website here

Lastly, did anyone else catch the writer saying, ’700 Muslim employees’, then in the following sentence saying ‘the fact that they have almost that many non-Muslim employees’.

Before emails are sent to ‘your e-mail friends’ … fill in your own thoughts here …

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